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Primary area of service

  • Patent Search and analysis
  • Patent Drafting
  • Patent Filing and prosecution nationally and internationally
  • Opinion for Patent – infringement / freedom to operate
  • Preparation of background for paragraph – IV (USA)
  • Procurement of patent
  • Assessment of patentability of proposed project.
  • Patent clearance prior to launch (regulated and non-regulated market)

Also provide service for

  • Trademark search and analysis
  • Trademark filing and prosecution
  • Copyright filing and prosecution
  • Design filing and prosecution


  • Trademark filing.
  • Trademark search & analysis.
  • Trademark research.

Copyright & Litigation

  • Copyright Filing & prosecution.
  • Copyright search & analysis.
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  • Litigation for Trademark.
  • Litigation for Copyright.
  • Litigation for Patent.
  • Litigation for Design.


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I3 is useful in

  • Advanced system for product selection in global business development.
  • Identify and evaluate new product and business development opportunities in the completion.
  • Innovation planning
  • Business development
  • Selection of drug for US and EU market
  • Selection of dosage form for product development
  • Decide time of project in US and EU market
  • Selection of API for manufacturing
  • API selling and buying
  • Data filtration is based on Molecules, Dosage Form, NCE, Approval Date, Class of drug, Competitors etc. and its combination

Features & Benefits of I3

  • Information of all USFDA approved drugs at one click
  • Support in selection of molecule / product based on competitors in the US market.
  • One click solution for all basic information of drug
  • Orange book patents are available with its family patents link
  • SPC expiry date of major countries and patents are available

Why I3

  • Specifically prepared for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Use of reliable source of data
  • Easy operable
  • Cost effective
  • Weekly update
  • Any query regarding I3 reply within 24 – 48 working hours

About BIP

  • Our firm is offering high-quality, efficientandcost-effectiveservicesintimewithdedicatedexpertiseinpharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, chemistry, engineering, software etc. Established with more than 15 yrs experience in Patent, Trademark, copyright, design, filing, prosecution and litigation Filed more than 250 patents of pharma and non-pharma companies. Patent -Filing & prosecution, search and analysis, Infringement & suggestive analysis, Patentability check
  • Patent clearance prior to launch (regulated and non-regulated market)
  • Litigation, settlement
  • Market Research
  • Weekly update
  • Preparation of license, agreement etc.
  • Trademark -filing and prosecution search and analysis
  • Copyright filing and prosecution
  • Design filing and prosecution
  • • Pharma experts, Engineers, TM experts, Patent attorney, Experts in IP consulting.

    • Professionals from diverse technology expertise.

    • All members are having vast experience in IPR environment with rich technical knowledge.

    • Patent Agents, Attorney, Lawyers with experience of IP litigations

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  • I-Cube is a searchable patent information status for all US approved drugs. This effort is made to make available all information for required for business development for pharmaceutical companies. I-Cube information will complement the existing databases.
  • The information available for each drug will provide details on molecules, OB patent, its family patent, SPC filed in major countries etc.
  • The information is presently limited to US approved drugs however we intend to include new drugs and expand the information on EU approved drugs in near future.
  • Please note the information and patent details made available in this database is only for information purpose and is sourced from reliable available and accessible websites. For further information on any approval, recent status and development on particular drug and patent application we request you to approach the relevant authority.
  • Please do write to us if you have any queries, suggestions to improve the database and if you notice any inadequacies at info@icube-bip.com